♪ さぁ みんなで街を歩こう
   僕らのチンードン楽隊だぁ ソレー
   ピー ピーヒャラ ドンドンカンチンカンチン
   チンドンドンチン ドンチンカンドン
   チンカン チンチンドーン


​作詞作曲 チェ☆ファジョン

    英語訳詞 今泉裕美     


It sounds like so much fun, we can hear it coming

The sound of Japanese flute, drums, and dora-gong

Hey now, everyone, hurry up and let’s gather

To the east and to the west, they will be gone soon

Now, the rhythm of wooden clappers, feeling it (tozai, tozai)

Then let’s raise our hands to the sky and dance along

To the right and to the left, enya, enya (enyaaa)  

It’s time for a fun parade, let’s start, are you all ready?


(Ref B)

Hey now everyone, let us march around the town

We are all the Chin-Don Musical Band, so-le

(Ref A)

Pii pihyala dondon kanchin kanchin chindon donchin

Donchin kandon chinkan chin chin don



Now play the clarinet with a zany funny face

Shaking your head with joy and laughing happily

Let’s join them now, then laugh loudly and smile some more

Let’s hold our hands then become good friends together

As time goes by, even when we all get older

We’ll never forget this day we share forever

To the front and to the back, enya, enya (enyaaa)

Hilarious parade let’s march, are you all ready?


(Ref C)

Hey now everyone, get cheerful, let’s dance along

We are all the Chin-Don Musical Band, so-le


Ref A    BA CA BA


Oh what a brilliant time! Everyone is laughing loudly

don-chin-kan eiya (eiyaaa)

So let’s dance, chin-don-don chin-don