LU LU CHUI of KIDS CONTENTS PROJECT is a member of "Support Group for Saturday Educational Activities" promoted by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology in Japan.
​  Kids Contents Project (KCP) 
 KCP sends the ultimate series of children's songs with fertile sound, rhythm, music, and lyrics and with familiar themes to them. 
 Children can enjoy singing and dancing the songs with friends, family members, or anyone, at home, at school, or any place.
 We will make the big waves to education and entertainment all over the world!
 LU LU CHUI sends the sophisticated KCP songs to all over the world
with English.
 "LU LU CHUI HIROBA" is the playfield where all children in the world can learn and play with fun KCP music.
 Creativity and sensitivity spreading like the blue sky
 Fertile learning, knowledge, and wisdom 
 Bright potential talents blooming with the nature
 Now is the time to shine the world!
 Let's create LU LU CHUI HIROBA together!
Sending from Japan


Uniting the hearts of kids all over the world

Let us begin relating to eternity

from this 21st century


Beyond language in the 21st century, Kids Contents Project was founded to provide real-life contents that represent cultures all over the world. It was launched by ambitious musicians, lyricist, translator, educator, and producers for current and future generations of children.


We only have one prayer.

We pray to give birth to interesting contents that rouse children’s interests and curiosities. To create healthy bodies, faithful hearts, and remembrance while embracing children’s daily lives.

We suppose that teachers and schools are having a hard time to create such content from an entertainment approach. That might be biased and not enough to rouse children’s curiosities.


Therefore, the most important thing this project has developed is the quality of the sound in itself.

Even though there are some theories, as a consensus of musicians, we seek 447hz as the frequency waves operate on, so we can directly reach electronic signals inside the human brain as naturally as the sound should be.


We have conducted various monitoring, and we were able to take pride to succeed in reaching assurance of the 447hz frequency while we observe the process.

With the cornerstone of the sound, we have made a numerical rating for children’s heart beating, walking width, and blood circulations.


Then based on that, we have developed “heart-spring” as the rhythm that children would come to recognize everyone is invaluable to existence.

In response to heart-spring of the rhythm, along with the cornerstone, we have arranged lyrics and the sound of words that children can learn and enjoy with their natural emotions. 

We also created choreography that entire bodies move along with aerobic exercise and fun dance songs.

Such content has completed enriching kids’ bodies and hearts while enjoying. That’s what we felt and realized.


If spending time while keeping their bodies and hearts healthy in childhood that is the most important age in remembrance, probably inherited genes of humans would operate healthily.

As a result, people would naturally express philanthropic spirits with compassion and understanding of someone’s pain then the spirits will dwell their in hearts.

The genes of human beings teach us how meaningless war is by showing all the histories.


In any generation, the contents are seen as only entertainment at a glance, in fact, create a new age.

However, in this modern age, the situation of great distress has lasted for a long time.

We are very anxious about the present situation and thinking about how kids would grow up naturally as just the way they are. Based on the concrete strategy, we have been doing our best for this Kids Contents Project


From entertainment to education

For the future of faith in humanity that will never change


Undoubtedly, the beginning must be in childhood we all experience.

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