Daily Poka-Poka 3-Minute Taiso
English version of the original”Nikka Poka-Poka 3-Pun Taiso.” 9th song of Japanese, KIDS TAISO-DANCE 15!
What do you do from morning to night? Let’s sing and Taiso-dance Daily Poka-Poka with friends all over the world! 
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Daily Poka-Poka 3-Minute Taiso

Words & Music by Choe Foajeon

Words Assistant  Nami Kawamura

Translated by Hiromi Imaizumi


Good morning, time to get up and brush my teeth well

Then wash my whole face nicely to wake up and be clean

Happy with a delicious breakfast, thank you so much

I feel so great and ready now

See you, have a good day


Right and left (Shaking, Shaking)

Check carefully (Good, good)

Please look back on the right side and look all around

Cars are dangerous so please be careful


Hi, can you hear it? The school chime is ringing for us (Hurry up)

Everyone greets so cheerfully, good morning


What’s the lunch for today? Let’s guess what food

During a fun happy lunch break, let’s play soccer


Finally school is over, finished all my classes (Yay!)

But I have a lot of homework that is not easy (Hmmm)

I wanna go home but I can’t go home yet, not yet

I’m busy still here to study more even after school


Homework (Maybe later)

It’s a secret (We are partners)

Don’t forget to wash your hands with soap, let’s make the sound gar-gar let’s gargle


I go to cram school, a little bit, video games (Wanna play more)

I have no time at all, it’s already night


Please be careful of strange people you should not follow

Swimming lesson, shodo class, piano, kendo

I am very tired day and night, I’ll go to bed

I am sleepy so good night mommy, (Mom)

I’m going to bed so good night, daddy, love you too

I’ll see you tomorrow