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Let's post a picture or video created by children from playing at LU LU CHUI HIROBA! You could put hashtags as below to post it. :D
Let's Veggie-Dance!: #luluchveggies
Kids Genius Taiso Song: #luluchgeniuses
​World Flags: #luluchworldflags 
Sports Dance - 200 seconds: #luluchsportsdance
Ricey-Ricey Taiso: #luluchricey
BODY TAISO SONG: #luluchbody
DANCING! ABC!: #luluchabc
DANCING! AIUEO!: #luluchaiueo
Bony-Bony Muscle: #luluchbony
★Any creation: #luluchcreation
​★WING NOTES: #luluchwingnotes
*Posting content could be any form born freely by children, such as drawing, craft, singing, dancing, acting, observation, or research. All welcome!
e.g.) Picture with a favorite veggie, kids genius work, or flag drawing. Anything is appreciated! 
Let's send children's genius and creative work to the world and brighten all over the world!
We are looking forward to playing together with you at LU LU CHUI HIROBA! ♬​
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We are waiting for your creation or any piece of work

Born from Kids Contents 15!


-Kids Research: Your finding, observation, discovery, or invention, etc. 

  (eg: Veggie Research, Genius invention, etc.)

-LU LU CHUI Gallery: Your drawing, craft, singing, dancing, or acting, etc.

-Event Participation


Picture or movie


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