Let’s sing! Spring

Veggie-Veggie Festival 2018

April 15th ~ May 15th


It’s a festival to enjoy singing vegetables!


Singing vegetables in “Let’s Veggie-Dance!”

         ♪Cabbage, Green Pepper, Potato, Carrot,

          Cucumber, Onion, White Radish Pumpkin♪

        in Japanese, English, or any other languages!


-With singing vegetables above, you can dance “Let’s Veggie-Dance,” sing along with veggies, or sing them in a field, anyway you want, and make a video.

-The time length is within 3 minutes.

-You can join this festival with more than 1 movie!

How to send:

-Please fill in the blank on a posting form on the next posting gage.

-You could use firestorage to send a file to us. (First, you need to sign up with your email account)

-Please check “How to upload?” page


**Please choose 3 or 7 days in the “upload period” pull-down. 

**If you use a password, please include your password on the posting form.

**If you need to use any other sending file services, please make sure if they are secure and then send us the file with URL.

**Please read the Release Form on the next posting page before you post. 


We are looking forward to having you at Veggie-Veggie Festival 2018! :D