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The ultimate series of children's songs with fertile sound, rhythm, music, and lyrics and with fun and familiar themes to them. 
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KIDS TAISO-DANCE 15! (English)
A series of songs that children can enjoy singing and dancing with friends, family members, or anyone, at home, at school, or any place.
1. Let's Veggie-Dance! 
2. Kids Genius Taiso Song 
3. World Flags 
4. Sports Dance-200 seconds
5. Ricey-Ricey Taiso
7. DANCING! ABC! & A-I-U-E-O! 
8. Bony-Bony Muscle 
9. Daily Poka-Poka 3-Minute Taiso
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Kids' Symphony sent to children all over the world with fun sound, rhythms, melody, and music. Oh, music instruments are dancing!?
It is great with kids playing, event music, or background music. etc! 
1. TOYS March
2. TOYS Symphony 
Please look forward to listening to 4 more songs!
New star of Halloween music series that both kids and adult can enjoy with much excitement! 
4 instrumental songs and Pumpkin Night has vocal song, too!
1. ULTRA Halloween
2. Pumpkin Night
3. Bats Are Looking for a Naughty Kid
4. A Witch is coming to the town
5. Pumpkin Night - Vocal
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