Kids' Research
Let's research anything you are interested in or have a question while enjoying KID TAISO-DANCE 15! then share your research with world friends!
What is "poor soil" in​ Let's Veggie-Dance??     I drew it so that you can see!    by Saaya
The Processes of Veggie-Growing♪♪ by Anri
Can you tell what veggies they are?
Who invented these??
-Saaya & Hikari
Flowers of White Radish
                         by Saaya
The flowers of white radish I have grown were white! 
♪ Have you ever seen all the veggies    with very very pretty colors 
  and beautiful sweet flowers
  that look up to the blue sky ♪
What colors of flowers do other veggies bloom?
Who developed the light bulb? Thomas Edison!
What’s universal gravitation? Ask Newton!
Who flew an airplane? I know it was the Wright brothers!
Scott first created the phonograph!
Who invented a telephone, Bell did!
Who created the camera, Nicephore Niepce!
Copernicus, what’s theory of the universe?
What’s letterpress printing? Gutenberg can answer!
Who created paper? It was Sairin!
What is a pendulum clock? Let’s ask Huygens!