A series of songs with fun & familiar themes that children can enjoy with friends, family members, or anyone, at home, at school, or any place.
Let's sing and dance with friends all over the world!!!
Veggie Picturing Song
サムネイル Veggie Picturing Song.png
English version of Japanese “Yasai Ekaki Uta” 10th song of KIDS TAISO-DANCE 15! Let’s grind an ink-stone and then sing and draw veggies with friends all over the world! 
Bony-Bony Muscle
スクリーンショット 2018-12-05 20.59.32.png
8th song of Japanese, KIDS TAISO-DANCE 15! Are you training bones and muscle every day?? 
​♬ Maybe happy bone happy happy here's Bony-Bony Muscle~
Body Taiso Song
スクリーンショット 2018-10-06 14.31.25.png
♪ Do you know our bodies are lives that were created from the same atom as stars??~ 6th LU LU song!
♬We are the small universe~
♬Heart Liver Kidneys ♬Skull Nasal~
Sports Dance - 200 seconds
Sport Dance 14.png
This is the beginning of 2020, world sports festival! 4th LU LU song!
♬Not only win or lose Let's all play fairly 
   The whole world is united
   We are together as one ~
Kids Genius Taiso Song
スクリーンショット 2018-06-05 0.20.55.png
♬All kids are geniuses! We are all geniuses! 
 Can you answer genius quiz??
♬Who developed the light bulb?
   What's universal gravitation?
   Who flew an airplane??
Daily Poka-Poka 3-Minute Taiso
スクリーンショット 2019-02-06 17.25.13.png
9th song of Japanese, KIDS TAISO-DANCE 15! What do you do from morning to night? Let’s sing and Taiso-dance Daily Poka-Poka with friends all over the world!
あいうえお Youtube サムネイル-min.png
New star of ABC song! Let's sing both ABC and A-I-U-E-O with the same music! How about singing in other languages?? ♬ABCDEFG HIJ~
♬A-I-U-E-O  Ka-Ki-Ku-Ke-Ko~
Ricey-Ricey Taiso
スクリーンショット 2018-09-04 23.03.10.png
The fun song of rice with Japanese story. 5th LU LU CHUI song!
♬ O-ichi-ni 3・4 Now let's "go!" We all "rock!" There are 88 steps to growing~
​♬ Big onigiri-ball, spicy curry and rice~
World Flags
world fiag サムネイル.png
♬Flag! Flag! Flag! Flag! World!
Let's sing and dance in 2020 too! 
​♬Japanese Flag, a red circle, land of the rising sun ♬Red stripes, white starts, the number of the states
Let's Veggie-Dance!
スクリーンショット 2018-08-04 19.44.04.png
Fun vegetable song for kids! 1st song! 
♬Cabbage Green pepper Potato Carrot
♬Oh that's so beautiful, oh that's so wonderful, what a grateful gift our blue earth gave us! ~Pumpkin♪