Bony-Bony Muscle!
Singing shows in English as enjoying KIDS TAISO-DANCE 15! with WING NOTES & Peacher 
Do you train your bones and muscles every day? Are they happy with you??
 Let's sing and Taiso-dance this together!


No.1 of Bony-Bony Muscle

The animal walking with two feet without forefeet

Is it only our species, human beings??

Because the backbone supports it tight, let’s stretch out our spines and walk!

Maybe, happy bone happy happy here’s Bony-Bony Muscle!

NEW! 20th

No. 2 of Bony-Bony Muscle

Achilles tendon, Turn right and left! Soccer, swimming, marathon, and dodge ball!

♬ Strong muscle is solid armor Bony-bone is a grand pillar So now let’s get so much stronger, everyone!

Bony-Bony Muscle!
Words&Music byChoe☆Foajeon
Translated byHiromi Imaizumi
​Vocals by:LU LU CHUI
Performed by 
Peacher & WING NOTES
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