7-8 Kids Genius Taiso Song
Singing shows in English as enjoying a picture book for KIDS TAISO-DANCE 15! with Peacher 
♬ All kids are geniuses! We are all geniuses! ~  Let's try inventors quiz! Do you know who invented an airplane, a camera, and telephone?  


No. 2 Kids Genius Taiso Song

♬Who created the camera? 
 Copernicus? Who created paper?
♬ Good ideas and bright flashes~
   That in itself is a seed of genius ~


No. 1 Kids Genius Taiso Song

♬ Who flew an airplane? Scott?
♬ Every day we use our brains
    But only, only 10%
   There is still left a lot more it is 90%
Kids Genius Taiso Song
Words&Music byChoe☆Foajeon
Words Assistant: Hikari Tanaka
Translated byHiromi Imaizumi
​Vocals by:LU LU CHUI
Performed by Peacher
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