Ricey-Ricey Taiso
Singing shows in English as enjoying a picture book for KIDS TAISO-DANCE 15! with Mr. Miyamoto & Peacher 
Do you know about rice history in Japan? 
What is rising-sun bento?
​♬O-ichi-ni 3・4 Now let's "go!" We all "rock" There were 88 steps to growing ~


No.1 of Ricey-Ricey Taiso

♬How beautiful the river water flows, the shiny-hot sun brightens everything, and fertile soil has grown up over a million years ~
 Let's watch and learn rice then sing & dance!


No.2 of Ricey-Ricey Taiso

♬ Big onigiri-ball, spicy curry and rice, well-cooked seasoned rice, katsu-don, tem-don right now ~ Great grandpapa!
♬So I will live brightly! Let me show you~
Ricey-Ricey Taiso
Words&Music byChoe☆Foajeon
Translated byHiromi Imaizumi
​Vocals by:LU LU CHUI
Performed by 
Peacher & Mr. Miyamoto
<Activity Tips>
Ricey Play & Learning
◎From when was there rice in Japan?
​◎From when did we start eating it?
◎When were rice fields born?
◎What kind of day was "Labor Thanksgiving Day"?
◎How many steps are there to growing rice?
◎Can you give some examples of Weather damage? 
◎What is rice blight?
◎What is rising-sun bento?
​★What kinds of steps are there to growing?
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