1-6 Let's Veggie-Dance!
Singing shows in English as enjoying a picture book for KIDS TAISO-DANCE 15! with Peacher 
Let's try singing ♪Cabbage Green pepper Potato Carrot♪ Everyone's favorite phrase with the stories of cabbage, potato, and carrot!

6th The Story of Carrot

​♬Bright carrot was born in faraway~

4th The Story of Cabbage ②

​♬Many white butterflies love him ~

Veggie Special

​ Let's try dancing "Let's Veggie-Dance!"

Spring Special

​ Veggie-Veggie Festival Invitation♪

Opening & BGM song
★Veggie Song
Featured song
◆Let's Veggie-Dance! (Japanese)
Featured & Ending song
■"Let's Veggie-Dance!"
Performed by

​5th The Story of Potato

♬Do you know Jakarta was called ~

3rd The Story of Cabbage ①

​♬Light green cabbage has been eaten~

2nd "Cucumber, Onion, White Radish, Pumpkin♪"

Let's try veggie quiz and sing and dace them!

​1st "Cabbage, Green Pepper, Potato, Carrot♪"

They are here to play with us! Let's sing and play!

Words&Music by: Choe☆Foajeon
Vocals by: KCP Toys Dancers
                   Nami Kawamura
Translated by:Hiromi Imaizumi
​Vocals by:LU LU CHUI
<Activity Tips>
​◎Let's try Veggie-Dance! ↑↑↑
◎Play with Rhythmic Sheets! 
◎Let's play veggie a pictionary game♪
​◎Let's research and observe veggies!⬇⬇⬇
What is "poor soil" in​ Let's Veggie-Dance??     I drew it!    by Saaya
The Processes of Veggie-Growing♪♪
                                            by Anri
Flowers of White Radish
                         by Saaya
The flowers of white radish I have grown were white! 
♪ Have you ever seen all the veggies    with very very pretty colors 
  and beautiful sweet flowers
  that look up to the blue sky ♪
What colors of flowers do other veggies bloom?
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