Singing shows in English
 enjoying KIDS TAISO-DANCE 15!
Let's sing all together
with Peacher and WING NOTES♪♪♪
Let's try singing ♪Cabbage Green pepper Potato Carrot♪ Everyone's favorite phrase! Do you know much about cabbage, potato, and carrot! Let's see their stories and sing them!
♬Flag! Flag! Flag! Flag! World!
Do you know about countries and world flags in the world?
Let's sing the flag rap and learn about the world! ♬We are earthly family~
Do you know about rice history in Japan? From when was there rice?
What is rising-sun bento?
​♬O-ichi-ni 3・4 Now let's "go!" We all "rock" There were 88 steps to ~
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There are various languages in the world! Let's start with English ABC and Japanese alphabet with the same music! How about other languages?
Let's sing this with our world friends!
♬ All kids are geniuses! We are all geniuses! ~
Let's try inventors quiz! Do you know who invented an airplane, a camera, and telephone?  
スクリーンショット 2018-08-26 22.36.05.png
♬What kinds of sports are there in the world??
Let's play various sports with PenPen!
♬Not only win or lose   Let's play all fairly ~ We are together as one!
【最終】Youtube サムネイル-min.png
Let's learn and sing our bodies a lot with the body rap! 
What kinds of organs and bones are there and how do they function? 
​♬100,000 times a day, heart's beating
スクリーンショット 2019-01-08 16.50.50.png
Are your bones and muscles happy?
Let's make them happy with this song and Taiso-dance! 
♬Maybe, happy bone happy happy
 Here's Bony-Bony Muscle! 
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