Sports Dance - 200 seconds
This is the beginning of 2020 in Tokyo!
World sports festival!
4th LU LU song of KIDS TAISO-DANCE 15!
♬Not only win or lose Let's all play fairly 
   The whole world is united
   We are together as one ~
by TOYS Dancers
Let's dance various sports!
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Sports Dance -200 seconds 

                 Words & Music by Choe Foajeon

Words Assistant  Hikari Tanaka

Translated by Hiromi Imaizumi

He’s staring at the catcher and pitching the straight ball 
I won’t miss it this time, full, full fast swing  
Baseball (Baseball) Let’s go! the dream stadium 

There’s seven vaulting horses, Let’s go tuck jumping 
Horizontal bar, Tsubame, and a Giant circle 
Judo (Judo) So now go body drop (Yaa) 
Ping-pong, (nice rally), Smash it so hard 

(Ref A) 
Each position, let’s go run, now let’s kick off and start 
Then dribble and go, harry towards the far right side 
So fast -it’s in the air, Flying ball, snipe! Kick! 
Go, volley shoot far! GOOOAL! 

Now, Mat Exercises, Backflip, and Cartwheel 
Track and field, sprint and dash, Now a triple jump 
Swimming (Swimming) strong dolphin kick 
Volleyball! (Play so fast!) Hey come on! Hit hard! 

(Ref B) 
Do you know still, still there are 
Amazing sports here and there 
Many, many in the world, can you name them all? 
Not only win or lose, 
Let’s all play fairly 
The whole world is united we are together as one 

Basketball, jump so high, you can block that shot (Nice job) 
Hey, now let’s rebound and dunk that shot 
Do rope (jumping) and try double Dutch 
Trampoline, (let’s jump high) what a wonderful straddle 

Ref A 
Ref B 


Singing show by Peacher


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No. 2 of Sports Dance - 200 seconds

Sports Dance - 200 seconds
Words&Music byChoe☆Foajeon
Words Assistant: Hikari Tanaka
Translated byHiromi Imaizumi
​Vocals by:LU LU CHUI
Performed by Peacher