「INITIUM 始動」ついにCD発売!New CD Release of "INITIUM"

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

胎内記憶の第一人者、池川明先生の監修の元、子どもコンテンツプロジェクトの全ての楽曲制作を行っている音楽家 FOAJEONの作曲・制作により、447Hzと共に「INITIUM 始動」が完成し、CDがついにリリース!

The songs of KIDS CONTENTS PROJECT have produced by the same musician, FOAJEON with 447Hz as "INITIUM"


★「INITIUM 始動」の詳細はこちらから


“INITIUM” has been created with the frequency of miracle

It could make us realize “how grateful we were born”

while recalling the process from the moment a life is born to a birth

It is recommended to all pregnant and parturient women and also women having babies.

      -Supervised by Akira Ikegawa

The leading authority of womb memory

Obstetrician and gynecologist

Editors: LULUlog Editors / ルルログ編集部

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