We are earthly family - LU LU messages to the world

Put love and understanding in every single world flag

Hold our hands together, save our lives all over the world

We hope for our peace on Earth, praying for peace tomorrow

Bring our hearts together for the shiny future of Earth

Let’s get the flags all together for the shiny future of Earth

Hold our all dreams and love, we are all together

from "World Flags"

愛と理解を 国旗にのせて

手と手を合わせ 命を守る

平和な明日 みんなが希(ねが)う

地球の未来 心つないで

地球の未来 旗をつないで

夢をつないで 愛をつなげて


Editors: LULUlog Editors ルルログ編集部

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