Veggie Picturing Song
​「野菜絵描き歌」の英語版!子どもコンテンツ15の第10弾!みんなで墨をすって、世界のお友達と一緒に歌って筆で描いてみよう♪ どんな野菜が現れるのかな??
♪ Hey, everyone, get together
  Let's grind an ink-stone together
  Now, let's have fun everyone
  Now, let's draw with a brush
  Veggie Picturing Song

Veggie Picturing Song

​作詞作曲 チェ☆ファジョン

    英語訳詞 今泉裕美     

♪Now ♪Let’s start


Cucumber, KYUURIきゅうり

Now, let’s go down the long slide on the left

Don’t go straight, a little curve

Just relax and breathe

Going down on a hill

A rabbit is eating grass

The sound “pyon” jumping so high

Write Alphabet “I” with running hand nicely

It’s a small hiragana Yuゆ


Oh, lightning through the cloud

The moles are surprised underground

Mama and baby come out then jump and run all around

Oh, wow, I drew it just now


A calf, baby cow

is drinking oppai, mom’s breast milk

Blinking with beady round eyes, it looks so delicious

Showing a happy smiley face

Two with minim, a half note

The beard is getting longer a bit

It’s good for our bodies, guru-guru green, ahhh

Green pepper, PIIMANぴーまん


Hey everyone, get together

Let’s grind an ink-stone together

Now, let’s have fun everyone

Now let’s draw with a brush

Veggie Picturing Song

Kuru-kuru pyuun

Alright, then now, can you guess what comes next?

Dressing up with two ribbons, they look so cute and pretty

Like the princess, Cinderella


Faraway, Andes Plateau, her sweet home mountain’s there

She came a long way and got here for everyone

Hoping we enjoy eating

Enrich our hearts and bodies with shiny and fertile lands

Everyone is so cheerful, everyone all gets along

Red tomato, TOMATOとまと hello 


Eggplant, NASUなす

Once we start drawing, we will be finished soon

Oh, it doesn’t take so long, can you wait for a bit more?

Please, please, wait a little more


OK Now, are you ready?

Let’s start drawing with a brush

Clumsy, not really natural, but just try and do your best

Thank you for waiting to see more

With a very large snub nose, fighting back with a sharp sword

A vine rounding up and down

Draw a cross up in the sky, write a dot on the upper right



Brushes are TOMODACHI

Veggies are TOMODACHI

Everyone’s TOMODACHI

Veggie Picturing Song


Let’s sing and draw them, everyone! Let’s enjoy drawing veggie friends

Veggie Picturing Song